Album covers – Box Set – Mayhem

Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Some albums go into the history, and some don’t. This is one of those who do. This is the Grand Opus of the Black Metal genre, the album that would define what to expect from this country within this genre. It was an honor to do the designs for this project consisting of a box containing five albums and a nice hardback book with interviews and some very interesting stories. Tomorrow did the art direction and designs, restored som classic photos of Eouronymous & Co and made the sketches and layout principles for the book.

Project Management: Finn Håkon Rødeland
Photos by: Finn Håkon Rødeland
Art direction / graphic design: Lasse A. Scherven
Graphic design: Matthew Wickerstaff
Painting on the box by: Olav Haglund Moen
Record label: Voices Music & Entertainment (Voices of Wonder)